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Leopard 10.5.2 for x86 iATKOS V2.0i intel FTP下载

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iatkos 精简了许多不必要ppc程序,文件大小只有2.63G
iATKOS v2.0i
by uphuck on Fri Apr 25, 2008 10:09 pm
hi people.
On this release of our team we mostly worked on GPT multi boot systemsand fixed the boot errors of earlier versions. Having multi boot on GPTor MBR harddrives is easier with iATKOS 2.0i. We also added latestApple updates, some vga drivers and nforce support. Size 2.64gb isoimage.
我们团队发行我们主要研究GPT多起动系统并且改正了早期版本的起动错误。 有多系统起动在硬盘GPT或MBR 是容易与iATKOS 2.0i。 我们也增加了最新的苹果计算机公司更新、一些vga和nforce支持,映像大小为2.64G.
This is for Intel sse3, optimizing iATKOS for less compatible systemsmay happen but this is not a promise because idebox is more excitingfor us, at least for now
Thanks to my brother eskurza at first, missed you buddy..
Thanks to all osx86 devs.
感谢所有的osx86 团队.。
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Re: iATKOS v2.0i
by uphuck on Fri Apr 25, 2008 10:30 pm
updated screenshot..
the ReadMe
Welcome to iATKOS v2.0i Installation..
欢迎到iATKOS v2.0i安装程序
prepared by uphuck, eskurza and the rest of OSX86.Türk team..
这是由uphuck准备, eskurza和其余OSX86.团队合作
Special thanks to people that support our work..
1- This DVD is designed for Intel architectures.
这个DVD是为INTEL机器设计的  看到没,AMD的兄弟就不用下了,呵呵
Minimum requirements: Intel SSE3 CPU, 512MB RAM, 12GB free space on target partition.
最低配置要求: 英特尔SSE3 CPU(这个比较苛刻,偶的机器SSE2), 512MB RAM, 12GB自由空间在目标分开
2- This DVD includes Apple’s OS X Leopard 10.5.2 (9C7010) installation.
2- 这DVD包括苹果的OS x豹子10.5.2 (9C7010)程序,(这个是最新的)
3- Make sure that the md5 checksum of your iATKOS iso image matches theone posted on our website. Otherwise you may have a faulty DVD image.Use quality media/burner and burn slowly.
3- 切记检查您的iATKOS iso映像文件md5和在我们的网站张贴的那个匹配. 否则您的DVD映像文件可能有问题。 使用质量好的刻录设备低速刻录,(这几句翻成平时我们常用语了)
- This release supports GPT (Guid Partition Table) partition mapscheme. You can change your partition table type to GPT via DiskUtility or some other partition managers. We advice Parted Magic LiveCD which is based on GParted.
这个发行支持GPT (Guid分区表)分去图计划。 您能改变您的分开类型到GPT通过磁盘应用程序或其他分区工具。 我们建议用Parted Magic Live CD分区。
- This release also includes Darwin EFI emulation boot for MBR (MasterBoot Record) harddrives. Intel Core CPUs can use stock kernel and stockACPIPlatform with EFI emulation on MBR and with GPT. This increasesstability and performance.
-这个发行也包括Darwin EFI模拟起动为MBR (主要引导记录) 硬盘。英特尔酷睿CPU用EFI模拟或者GPT可以使用stockkernel原版核心和原版ACPIPlatform(在白话一点就是英特尔酷睿CPU要用EFI或者GUID启动,可以选择stockkernel原版核心和原版ACPIPlatform,)。 这样增加了稳定性
- Intel CoreDuo Processors have appropriate SpeedStep Technology whichis stable in OS X. If you have such processor, you can enablethrottling feature using the "SpeedStep" package which you can findunder system drivers section. Note that speedstep kernel is included iniATKOS main system, so don’t select any of the kernels with speedstepsupport if you don’t want to have kernel panic.
-英特尔酷睿处理器如果支持SpeedStep技术在OS X是很稳定的。如果您有这样处理器,您使用能发现在系统驱动之下的“SpeedStep”使能节流的特点(估计可能就是降频的那个)。注意speedstep内核在iATKOS主系统包括,如果你不想有麻烦因此不要选择其中任一个内核与speedstep支持.
- There are some boot options for some various hardware. Boot DVD, press F8 and enter:
-有一些起动选择为一些各种各样的硬件。 引导DVD,按F8并且输入:
nforce -v(这是输入的命令)
for nForce motherboards with intel SSE3 CPU
为nForce主板用英特尔SSE3 CPU
nforce_core -v
for nForce motherboards with Intel Core CPU
为nForce主板用英特尔酷睿 CPU
toh -v
for booting with ToH 9.2.0 kernel which works nice on many types of hardware
1- Run Disk Utility via Utilities menu and erase the target partition for clean install. Do partitioning if you need to.
1- 通过菜单打开磁盘应用工具并且抹干净目标盘。 如果您需要,请分区。
a- You can choose MBR (Master Boot Record) or GPT (Guid PartitionTable) via partitioning options. If you want to change your existingpartition table type, know that all your existing data on disk will begone.
a- 您可以通过分区选择选择MBR (主要引导记录)或GPT (Guid分开表)。 如果您想要改变您现有的分区类型,这将导致你盘上现有的所有数据都丢失.
b- For Windows fellows that has not tested this amazing system yet andthat does not want to loose their windows software, porn andvirus&trojan archive on D:\, should use Parted Magic Live CD forpreparing an active primary target partition and after that, just eraseit via diskutil. Jump to Step 2.
B -适用于Windows研究员表示,并未测试过这系统,但并不希望松散其它的Windows软件,色情和病毒及特洛伊木马病毒封存与D: \ , Parted Magic Live CD准备一个已经激活的目标分区,然后抹掉,跳转到第2步。
2- Select the destination for installation.
3- Click customize and select what you need.
4- Click Install.
Install time is about 20 minutes.
iATKOS 2.0i has no integrated procedure for multibooting but preparinga multiboot GPT or MBR system with this release is easier than ever.
iATKOS 2.0i已经不集成太多的程序,但是这发行地GPT或者MBR系统比过去任何时候是更容易.
Here is a ”How To” for GPT and MBR triple boot including Mac-Vista-Linux.
- MBR (Master Boot Record) triple boot –
- Change your partition table type to MBR (msdos type) and create 3primary partitions by using Parted Magic Live CD or iATKOS DiskUtility. HFS+ format for OS X target, Fat32 for the others.
-改变你的分区表类型的M BR( msdos型) ,并 使用Parted Magic Live CD或者iATKOS的磁盘工具建立3个主分区。格式化成HFS+的装OS X, FAT32的为其他的。
Note: %99.99999 of the PC harddrives already have MBR partition mapscheme (msdos type) which you can change it to GPT via Parted Magic CDor iATKOS Disk Utility if you like to.
注意:99.999999999%的电脑的硬盘已经有MBR分区(MSDOS类型),如果你愿意你可以使用 Parted Magic CD or iATKOS的磁盘工具装话成GPT分区,
- Add boot flag to Vista or Linux target and install the OS’ in anyorder you like. For linux, do not install bootloader to MBR, install itto linux root.
- Boot iATKOS 2.0i DVD and install OS X to its target as usual.
启动iATKOS 2.0i DVD 和安装OS X到目标盘,和往常一样
- Now you need to repair Vista. Add boot flag to Vista partition, bootVista DVD, select repair, add boot flag to OS X partition, thats all.
-现在您需要修复V ista。新增开机启动Vista的分区,启动Vista DVD选择修理,添加开机到OS X分区,
Now you have triple boot on MBR.
- Change your partition table type to GPT (Guid Partition Table) andcreate 3 partitions by using Parted Magic Live CD or iATKOS DiskUtility. HFS+ format for OS X target, Fat32 (msdos) for the others.
-改变你的分区类型为GPT GUID分区表) ,并适用Parted Magic Live CD或者 iATKOS的磁盘工具 建立三分区。HFS+格式为OS X的目标,FAT32( msdos )为其他的。
- Boot iATKOS 2.0i DVD, install only bootloader to OS X target. ***
启动 iATKOS 2.0i DVD,安装bootloader 到OS X的目标盘
- Boot Vista DVD and install it to first Fat32 partition.
启动Vista DVD 并安装它到FAT32分区
(Note: System marks first Fat32 partition or booting Foreign OS’. Ifyou choose other than first Fat32 as target for Vista, then duringinstallation, system will not continue install process at first Vistaboot.)
(注:系统制作的第一FAT32分区或引导以外操作系统。如果您选择以外的其他FAT32的第一目标为Vista中,然后在安装过程中,系统将不会继续安装过程中在第一Vista的开机) 。
- Boot Linux media and install the OS. Install the bootloader to linux root.
(Note: Some live linux cd stuff (knoppix, kanotix, parsix etc.) hasbuilt-in installer applications and they use gparted for partitioningand formatting targets. At this point, formatting target to linux fsvia Gparted is not a good choice, use fdisk just for changing thetarget partition type from ”c0” to ”83” which is linux partitiontype and then continue installation.)
-启动L inux的媒介和安装操作系统。安装引导到Linux的根目录。
注:一些生活中的Linux CD( knoppix , kanotix ,parsix等)具有内置在安装应用程序和他们使用的gparted为分区和格式化的目标。在这一点上,格式化目标为LINUXgparted是不是一个好的选择,使用Fdisk只是改变目标分区类型从”的C0 ” ” 83 ”这是Linux分区类型,然后继续安装。)
- Boot iATKOS 2.0i DVD and install OS X as usual.
启动iATKOS 2.0i DVD和安装OS X
Now you have triple boot on GPT, thats all.
As you see, preparing multiboot system on GPT is more practical and easier.
Darwin on GPT will see other OS’ as Foreign Boot.
正如你看,准备多重系统在GPT是更实际和更容易。Darwin on GPT 会看到其他操作系统的引导

*** For pro-users: You can re-install Darwin bootloader by booting theiATKOS DVD with -s. Boot with -s and enter darwin command, follow theinstructions. For MBR HD, you can add boot flag via fdisk after darwininstallation.
***亲爱用户:你可以启动ATKOS DVD并-S重新安装Darwin bootloader由。启动并 -S然后输入darwin命令,按照指示安装到MBR分区,,你可以添加硬盘引导信息
Known Issues:
1- Jmicron IDE controllers are known to have issues with OS X.
IDE接口的控制器已知在OS X系统中有问题
2- Some 965 chipset MSI and ASUS motherboards (desktop and laptop) haveissues with this OS. ACPI errors while booting with DVD and also withhd. There will be patches for those uncompatible devices and there isalso a patch for 1.0ir2.
在此系统中一些965芯片组的MSI和华硕主板(台式机和笔记本电脑)有问题。 ACPI的错误与DVD和硬盘有关系 。会有补丁对于那些不兼容设备,1.0ir2中也有

3- This dvd may not include all the necessary drivers required by yoursetup. Additional steps may be needed to be taken by the user to setupand use such components.
3 -你安装的时候这个D VD可能不包括所有必要的驱动程序,你需要额外安装
4- Be sure that the labels of your hfs+ partitions are not similar. ie.Mac 1, MacOS or Leopard X, Leopard Y. Installer may fail to determinethe target partition to install the system if the labels match.
这个翻译了半天我估计是这个意思:要注意版本和HFS+分区是不是相符合,即MAC 1 ,MAC OS Leopard X, Leopard Y,可能会安装失败,要确定目标分区安装系统
Unsuccessful Installation and Related Symptoms:
1- I get the error "com.apple.Boot.plist is not found" while booting the DVD
–> You are probably trying to boot from an unsupported controller.
~ You should use usb dvd rom drive, or you may need sata-ide convertor for your dvd rom drive (jmicron).
解决方法:~你应该使用USB的DVD ROM驱动器,或您可能需要SATA的IDE的转换器为你的DVD ROM驱动器.
2- System freezes at grey screen by booting the DVD.
–> You probably have an unsupported chipset.
*965 chipset ASUS or MSI motherboard/laptop
*many VIA, SIS, ATI chipset motherboards
一些VIA, SIS ,ATI芯片的主板
~ Change your hardware
~ A patch can be possible for 965 ASUS/MSI hardware, so keep on watching this community.





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